Thursday, 5 June 2014

Short story - El Pulpo

   El Pulpo    
written by: Xavier Chacon and Mark Taylor 

It was a hot quiet night, much warmer than usual. Agnes's family was sitting in their small wooden shack that looked as if it would collapse any second, they sat eating but the father looked worried, no one said a word. Suddenly her father got up, went outside and closed the door without saying a word as if he sensed something. Moments later there was a loud noise like someone had fired a gun, shorty after the noise everything fell dead silent as if the world had stopped. All though it felt like hours had gone by only a few seconds had passed.Agnes and her mother looked at one another and then they heard faint foot steps and turned towards the door. Her heartbeat started racing faster and faster as the footsteps progressively got louder and then "CRASH" the front door explodes into pieces and a tall mysterious stranger appears standing in the door way. The stranger wore a orange poncho that covered his upper body, along with torn tattered jeans and old combat boots. Covering his face was a brown cowboy hat and a red bandana that fluttered back and forth with the wind. In a blink of an eye he whipped out his revolvers, it happened so fast it seemed like he had been holding six guns and with pin point accuracy he started firing. before Agnes knew what had happened, her mother and father had been slain and the mysterious stranger was gone. 

--Twenty Years Later-- 

"We have to get rid of those Mexicans in order to rule the west" shouted lawman Paul. " How do you suppose we do that? there are way to many of em" Eastwood replied. Just then Agnes butts in " We can trick em, we'll say we are giving them something and then gun em down. That'll be sure to rid of a lot of them". Suddenly a deputy of Agnes rushes in " Madame! Law officer Wayne has just been shot down!". " What do you mean he has been shot down? Who killed him?!" Agnes screamed. " I aint sure who but the killer seems to only be targeting us lawmen". " Eastwood, Paul, go and hire some guns.. we need to protect ourselves" She yelled. Once they leave she talks with a few other officers "Now we need to secure a fort, I aint dying to no lousy outlaw" Agnes said angrily. 
 Lawman Eastwood and Lawman Paul leave to search for some of the fastest guns in the west just as commanded. Lawman Eastwood walks into a saloon trying to fulfill his duty. Eastwood sits down and starts looking around the saloon. Across the room he notices a man drinking  some whiskey wearing a orange poncho and red bandana over his face. As he continued to watch a large drunk man spills his drink on the poncho wearing cowboy. The Poncho wearing mans eyes squint as he straightens up his back and in an instant he blasts the man to pieces so fast it looked as if the drunk had been torn apart by wild beasts. Eastwood was stunned, at that moment he knew this was the man to hire. Eastwood got up and walked over to the mysterious man. "You gotta help us out, we'll pay you well." pleaded Eastwood. The mysterious man stares blankly at him. " I'm a law officer so pay would be well" exclaimed Eastwood. The mans eyes widened and he shook his head nodding yes. A few Hours later Eastwood and the poncho wearing man arrive at the fort containing all the lawmen and all the hired guns lawman Paul had gathered. Then suddenly a loud gunshot is heard and Eastwood Drops to the ground. The mysterious poncho stranger steps over Eastwoods body and enters the fort. Everyone inside was stunned and realized that this was the man who was killing the lawmen. Agnes then comes out from a building she waiting in and she recognizes that this is the man who had killed her family when she was young. "Don’t just stand there, shoot him dead!!" Agnes roared. Everyone in the fort reached down for their guns, focused on the poncho wearing man. Surrounded and out numbered, the poncho wearing man flew his poncho off into the air revealing his body.. the strange man was an Octopus! He was a lanky terrifying creature who wields six guns using six of his tentacles. Everyone in the fort was shocked and terrified, and in mere seconds the octopus started  gunning down everyone, his arms flailing in all directions, men falling dead left and right of him.  After he had stopped firing it looked as if a tornado had just blown through the fortress as everything was in rubble and bodies laid motionless everywhere. Agnes was the only survivor being hit in the arm but still able to wield her weapon. She shouts " You're a Monster and now this time I will kill you for what you've..." but midway through her sentence the octopus had shot a single bullet in her brain, It was over. The west was no longer trying to be ruled by corrupt lawmen, the Mexicans were now safe. The Octopus put his poncho back on, dusted off and walked off into the setting sun forever being honored by the Mexicans as "El Pulpo". 

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