Sunday, 15 June 2014

Six Word Memoirs - Love

One of the most universal things in this world is "Love" everyone loves something wether it be people or things they enjoy. Something that I've loved since childhood to adulthood is video games. They are the one thing that I always enjoy and they've been with me my entire life and my love for them won't stop anytime soon. The image is of my favourite video game series that I began playing when I was little to now it's a franchise that I will always like every time a new game comes out I will be ready to enjoy every minute of it.

Six Word Memoirs - Me

I lack motivation to do things which is a big problem. Every time I come across something I believe I'll enjoy I end up giving up doing it or don't take enough time to get invested in whatever it is. I'm using this memoir as a reminder that I have to keep trying otherwise I'll always be stuck in this rut. The image relates because at one point or another i've tried to play an instrument but end up stopping because I find it difficult and don't take time enough to learn it.

Six Word Memoirs - Hate

I'm not a very hatful person but the one thing I absolutely hate is when other people always try to act or be someone they're not. The most common case is people looking through magazines and then trying to copy what they see. I will never understand why people can just be themselves they would be better off that way. The image I've taken is of a magazine which is one of the most common ways people get the idea that they need to change the way they are or be more like someone famous.

Six Word Memoirs - Growing up

Growing up is something everyone in the world does it's natural to do. You start off care free with no worries at all, everything is great but as you start to age you become more mature and realize that you can't be so care free. You're put into a position where you have to understand that you have responsibilities and by not handling them you can ruin yourself or people around you which brings a heavy weight upon yourself. This image I chose is of The Punisher fighting off bad guys using his power to protect the innocent which relates to responsibilities because you have to work hard the best you can in order to over come hard challenges and succeed in life.

Six Word Memoirs - Past

A lot of people tend to hold on to the past wish they could re-live it and i'm one of those people. The past is behind you and no matter how bad you keep holding on to it it's not going to come back you have to move forward and create new memories that will help you let go of the past. The image I have is showing myself looking out a window in deep thought reminiscing about old times for one last time.

Six Word Memoirs - Future

I'm still undecided with what I want to do with myself when i'm out of high school. I'm not the type of person that makes decisions easily so it's tough for myself. I have slight ideas of what career path I want to take in the future but then I always think maybe something else could be better. I feel as though there is always too many choices to make so I never know how to approach the situations I face. The image I chose is of a maze showing that you can choose multiple paths to go down but you'll never really now where it will lead unless you take the chance and move down a path.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Rise Against - I don't want to be here anymore
Rise Against is my favourite band and they just released their first single today off of their upcoming album "The Black Market" which comes out July 15th. Thought I would share this song for everyone to check out.