Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Happy creeping field trip

1) We walked around the halls and found a group of people. We sat down near them pretending to do something else and copied down what they were saying. 
- we went by a window on the 2nd floor facing the front of the school
- we listened to them talk for a solid 14 or so minutes
- the conversation was between a boy and girl in grade 12
- it felt weird listening in on people I found it mostly hilarious and I was laughing at times

2)the insights I gained about the way people speak is people get distracted or off topic very easily and end up making their conversations random and pointless

3) I can apply this to my writing by having my characters or dialogue make sense rather be completely random like the conversation I was listening to was 

4)personality was revealed through their conversation because they were speaking to each other like they were good friends and always seemed focused on the other person when they were talking. Laughing when something was funny ect...

5)I'm not sure but I can only imagine it could either be a conversation that stays on topic or becomes a mess of random garbage

6) most surprising thing I found was conversations end instantly because they we attached to their phones more than holding a conversation with their friend

7)differences between the two are in written you can take time to think about how you want people to interact and speak while spoken if mainly off the top of your head. Similarities between the two both require people to display their emotions or feelings on the topic being talked about

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Visual So What

I feel the message of this image is about how people never sit still people are moving all the time so their home changes. No matter how many times you move throughout your life you still always feel at home. That is why I feel the house has crab legs showing how it isn't grounded.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Raconteurs - Carolina Drama

This is my favourite song from The Raconteurs. This is sung by Jack White who is one of my favourite musicians which makes me enjoy this song that much more. I think this song does a great job of storytelling and I enjoy this song so much due to the story that is being told throughout the song.

Ted Talk - Apollo Robbins

This Ted Talk is about misdirection and how we don't notice things that are right in front of us but we believe we are aware of them. This Ted talk stuck out to me because it really makes you stop and realize how much we aren't aware of even though we see it in our day to day lives. This Ted talk does are really well job of demonstrating how he is able to change peoples focus with out them noticing what he is doing. During this Ted talk he demonstrates how he can use misdirection to change someones focus and easily pickpockets him without him noticing what has happened until he is told. This really makes you want to pay more attention to detail with things around you after seeing how easily he was able to misdirect people. This demonstrates how attention is an important thing that people don't take into consideration. At the end of this talk he asks what you would do with the power to control someones attention which I believe is a very interesting question. I honestly don't know what I would do with the power to control someones attention but I am curious as too what other people would do with that power.

Austin Kleon - Newspaper Blackout

A newspaper blackout by Austin Kleon. I enjoy this one because I feel it's about how everyone shares one thing in common throughout their lives which is dreams. They're something everyone has from when they're young to when they're old.