Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick write - Worst meal

The worst meal has an unbearable smell so terrible it gives off an odor not even a pig would want to be around. It smells like someone just vomited all over you and you are stuck in a small room unable to move away. The taste is like dirty socks that have never been cleaned. Every bite you take makes you gag. Just a small touch to your tounge you feel as if a skunk has just sprayed right into your mouth.

Quick write - Eden

My Eden is like the wild west where everyone is free to do what they please. It is a open plain with loads of sand and nice vibrant grass where you can see far for miles and it has scorching hot weather and frigid winters. The buildings that are there are made of wood giving off a comforting feeling where you can relax. 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Bill Elm & Woody Jackson - Triggernometry

My favourite track from the game Red Dead Redemption. This song is awesome and it never gets boring to listen too.

Skype Reflection 2

1) What went well
I felt the presentations in today's skype session went well having different groups present procedural writing that we learned from the previous skype session. I feel the presentations had a good response from the grade 3 class.

2) What is the value in collaborating
The value in collaborating with the grade 3 class is it gives both them and us a new type of experience and helps both classes learn new things in a new and unique way.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Procedural Writing - How to build Railroad system

Step 1: Gathering Supplies
First you need to gather Wood, Gold Ore, red stone and Iron Ore in order to build the items we need.

Step 2: Making the power rails
To create power rails you will need to place 3 Gold Ingots on both sides one stick in the middle and 51 Red stone underneath it.

Step 3: Making normal rails
To make building the railroad faster build normal rails to place in between your power rails. To build normal rails you need 3 pieces of Iron Ingots on each side and on stick in the middle.

Step 4: Making Red Stone Torches
You will need Red Stone torches to power your power rails. In order to make a Red Stone torch you will need 1 piece of Red Stone in the middle and a stick right underneath it.

Step 5: Laying down the tracks
Now you're ready to lay down the tracks. First place a power rail and put a red stone torch next to it now place your regular tracks after the power rail keep placing power rails with red stone torches every now and then to keep your railroad running.

Step 6: Making a kart
Now time to make a cart to ride on your railroad! To make a cart you need 5 Iron Ingots and place them in a "U" shape.

Now you've made a Railroad in Minecraft!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Ennio Morricone - The Ecstacy of Gold

This is probably my favourite orchestrated song of all time. A perfect song to go along with my favourite movie The Good The Bad and The Ugly. This song definitely captures the awesome western feel for the movie and it never gets old. 

Jim Croce - I've Got A Name

A song I have been listening to a lot lately. A classic Folk rock song that I really enojy! This song was also used in soundtrack for the movie Django Unchained which is a movie I also really enjoy.

Mid Semester Reflection

1) Six Word Memoirs - Incomplete
What went well for my six word memoirs is coming up with the memoirs themselves I found that part straight forward and easy to complete. What needed work was my ability to get pictures for the memoirs which is a big part of the assignment and my time management to finish the assignment on time and not way late. What I learnt about myself as a creator is I have a difficult time coming up with solid visuals to go with the topic displayed.

2) Ignite presentation - Grade B
What I think went well with my Ignite presentation was that I was able to talk about something that I really enjoy. I feel that my presentation in front of the class went well although my presentation was a few seconds too short. Things that I felt could have used some work were my pictures I feel I could have matched them up better with the parts of my speech I was at. I could have managed my time better to of been able to get it done on the day I was suppose to present and not the day after. What I learnt about myself as a thinker is I have a hard time coming up with an idea that I find interesting enough to talk about for five minute.

3) Blogging - Grade B
I tend to post assignments on my blog in a timely manner although at times I end up posting assignments to my blog after school where I find it easier to post them. I have posted a few personal additions to my blog but not as much as I should. I definitely need to start adding more personal additions to it. I feel I do a fairly good job visiting other peoples blogs and commenting on their posts.

4) Connecting and Engaging - Grade B
I usually participate in online discussions although I wouldn't say I am on top of it all the time. Commenting on posts and such I could be better at. I always attend class on a regular basis. I am never late and I haven't missed as class so far this semester.

5) Three course related goals to set by the end of the semester are manage my time better so I finish assignments on time and not take longer than it should take, Update my blog more often with personal additions and making sure to finish all assignments when they're due.