Monday, 21 April 2014

Mid Semester Reflection

1) Six Word Memoirs - Incomplete
What went well for my six word memoirs is coming up with the memoirs themselves I found that part straight forward and easy to complete. What needed work was my ability to get pictures for the memoirs which is a big part of the assignment and my time management to finish the assignment on time and not way late. What I learnt about myself as a creator is I have a difficult time coming up with solid visuals to go with the topic displayed.

2) Ignite presentation - Grade B
What I think went well with my Ignite presentation was that I was able to talk about something that I really enjoy. I feel that my presentation in front of the class went well although my presentation was a few seconds too short. Things that I felt could have used some work were my pictures I feel I could have matched them up better with the parts of my speech I was at. I could have managed my time better to of been able to get it done on the day I was suppose to present and not the day after. What I learnt about myself as a thinker is I have a hard time coming up with an idea that I find interesting enough to talk about for five minute.

3) Blogging - Grade B
I tend to post assignments on my blog in a timely manner although at times I end up posting assignments to my blog after school where I find it easier to post them. I have posted a few personal additions to my blog but not as much as I should. I definitely need to start adding more personal additions to it. I feel I do a fairly good job visiting other peoples blogs and commenting on their posts.

4) Connecting and Engaging - Grade B
I usually participate in online discussions although I wouldn't say I am on top of it all the time. Commenting on posts and such I could be better at. I always attend class on a regular basis. I am never late and I haven't missed as class so far this semester.

5) Three course related goals to set by the end of the semester are manage my time better so I finish assignments on time and not take longer than it should take, Update my blog more often with personal additions and making sure to finish all assignments when they're due.

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