Monday, 3 March 2014

Reading Assignment #4

The Twilight Zone (Back There)

Thrilled to have been accepted into the Potomac Club #excited

New change of clothing, I look fantastic #feelingstylish

Discussing the possibilities of Time Travel which is complete garbage #LogicProvesItWrong

Bumped my head falling down the stairs but I don't feel that much pain #fail

The rain has finally ended #GoodRiddance

Outstanding! I've gone back in time! I cannot fathom the situation i'm in right now #feeljealous

Washington always looking beautiful #lovethiscity

At the Ford Theater buying myself a ticket for Our American Cousin!

Taken to jail by patrolmen because they won't listen to me #fools #Listentome

The police in this city are idiots why wont they listen to my warnings #DangerApproaching

Feeling outrageously angry right now!!!

At last I've been released from prison! Dr.Wellington is the only man with common sense around here #goodman

Dr.Wellington just told me it turns out I had a concussion #oops

Two hours left until the play begins It will be a good time #iwish The President is in danger #gotogofast

I lost my chance to change history #depressed #angry #lookingforward

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